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Πρόγραμμα Εκδρομών

Panorama of Mountainous Mainland of Greece

From South Evrytania and Agrafa to the northern mountains of Pindos

12 days cross-country in the mountain range of Pindos

Exploration trip from the southern mountains of Pindos till the protected area of Epirus, with notable ecological and cultural points of interest and remarkable architecture, history and gastronomy.

4x4 Off-Road Crossing Excursion to the mainland of Greece

Estimated budget

2.637 €

Price per person, based on 2 persons sharing a room and a SUV rental vehicle

Trip Type

Exploration Trip
5-10 Vehicles


11-12 days |
10 overnights


May Day
28th April - 2nd May 2019

The route is surrounded by fir trees, ideal for the 4WD fans with streaming rivers, canyons, historical monuments, monasteries, traditional bridges and stone houses, all combined to experience a magical journey.

Tour through cramped routes and forest roads in the mountain range of Pindos.

Starting south, from wooded Evrytania with the towering fir tree-covered mountains, the abundant running waters and canyons of unique beauty, for an 11-days Cross up to its northern edge, the Pindos National Park.

Trip in the wild landscape of Agrafa.
The waters of the rivers Agrafiotis, Acheloos and Megdovas, that flow and cross with the uncountable fountains, the abrupt rocks and the shadowy canyons, the unpalatable vegetation and the human wooden and stony structures. Traditional villages and stone bridges have totally harmonized with the natural environment and compose a unique landscape.

We explore the protected area of Epirus with its important ecological and cultural characteristics.
Meeting with the unique architecture, history, folklore and gastronomy of the region. Meeting with people that live in the preserved and traditional settlements, following cramped Off-Road routes in the National Park of North Pindos with the National Park of Pindos (Valia Calda) and Vikos-Aoos.

We admire the worldwide unique geological formations of the rocks of Meteora and visit the second most significant monastic complex in Greece, after Agio Oros, that are included in UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Evrytania’s forests and rivers

One of the most mountainous regions in Greece. The area of Evrytania sinking in the fir trees is an ideal destination for nature and 4WD lovers.
The green slopes in the summer and the alpine landscape in the winter, the rushing rivers, the imposing canyons, the archeological monuments, the historical monasteries, the traditional villages and the cordial hospitality of the residents compose a magical scene that invites us to explore it.


Meeting point: Athens | Overnight: Evrytania

Driving all the way of the National Road we make a quick stop at Kamena Vourla, a seaside resort, and continue to the town of Spercheiada near the city of Lamia.

Spercheiada sets the starting point for our Off-Road route, through forest paths, with daily endpoint the town of Karpenisi. At 200m altitude our adventure begins with river-crossing on a trail that includes mud and running water under coniferous trees. At 1650m altitude we finally reach the alpine meadows at Kokkalia plateau. We follow paths through a spruce-fir forest with destination the region of Evrytania and the town of Karpenisi.
Dinner at traditional tavern and overnight at Karpenisi

  • Athens - Evrytania
    220 km Highway & National Road
    40-50 km Dirt-Road & Off-Road
  • Sperchios river
    Alpine meadows - Kokkalia
    Tymfristos forest
  • Kokkalia - Monument of the Battle of Aetolon vs Gauls in 279 BC

Day 2 | A tour of the villages and the mountains of Potamia

Panorama of Evrytania | Overnight: Evrytania

Our second day begins with a mixed route towards the Kaliakouda mountain and the Panta Vrechei (Always Raining) canyon. There we have the option to walk for about 45 minutes along the river to reach the breathtaking “Always Raining” waterfalls. From there we follow a mixed route which includes river-crossing towards the Mavri Spilia (Black Cave) canyon. Right after a visit to the monastery of Prousos which is contracted with the cliffs of Prousos. Our return to Karpenisi is via a dirt-road route through the spruce-fir tree forest of the mountain Chelidona

  • Tour of Evrytania
    20 Km MajorRoad
    40-50 km Dirt-Road και Off-Road
  • Panta Vrechei Gorge
    Mavri Spilia Gorge
  • Villages of Potamia
    Monastery of Prousos

3-Days exploration in Agrafa mountain range

One of the most unexplored areas of Pindos are the Agrafa mountains with the dozens of wild peaks that follow each other creating the most isolated mountainous complex of Greece.
It is a mountain range of incredible natural beauty characterized by its ruggedness and diverse landscapes.

Day 3 | Journey to the streams, rivers, lakes of Evrytania and Agrafa

Karpenisi - Agrafa | Overnight: Agrafa

We leave Karpenisi behind us, heading towards the mountain range of Agrafa. The streams, the small tributaries and the countless springs, as the water flows downwards, they meet to form the rivers Agrafiotis, Acheloos and Megdovas and empty in Kremasta, the largest artificial lake in Greece. The cliffs of the shady canyons, the wild nature, the imposing mountain peaks, the human wooden and stone structures, the traditional villages and the stone bridges have harmonized with the natural environment creating the unique landscape of Agrafa.
Our route driving among the river Krikeliotis up to the impressive bridge of Episkopi in Kremasta. Our route continues crossing rivers, forests and dirt-roads till the arrival to the traditional village of Agrafa.

  • Evrytania-Agrafa
    20 km Main road
    50 km Dirt-Road & Off-Road
  • Artificial lake Kremasta
    Krikeliotis & Agrafiotis river
  • Monastery of Panagia Stana

Day 4 | Journey to the rugged mountains, rivers and isolated villages of Agrafa

Panorama of Agrafa | Overnight: Agrafa

Take a villages tour for the fascinating opportunity to discover the traditional life in mountainous Greece.
Tour to the villages of Agrafa perched at over 1000m altitude. Routes in forest roads next to an through the rivers of the area. We cross the Wildlife Refuge (Tsouka-Sakka) to the traditional forage village of Trovatos under the tops of Mount Demelimi (2160m) to continue for a stop in the traditional cafe with local kickshaws under the hard lacy peaks of Tsekoura and Katarthia.
If the weather allows us to drive to Nialas mountain peak at 1770m to return to our base to have dinner.

  • At the inaccessible Agrafa
    5 km Main Road
    40 km Dirt-Road και Off-Road
  • Gorges and steep mountains of Agrafa
  • The villages of Agrafa
    The Stone Bridges

Day 5 | The arched stone bridges and the lake in the hug of the Sleeping Beauty of Agrafa

Agrafa - Lake Plastira | Overnight: Lake Plastira

The 4x4 routes in the wild mountains of Agrafa are continued to admire the arched stone bridges joining paths engraved in steep-narrow gorges. Then we head towards Plastira Lake to visit the post-Byzantine monastery of Panagia Pelekiti, built on the steep slopes of the Agrafa mountains above the lake. Offroad route to the deep mud that forms at the shores of the lake Plastira.

  • East Agrafa
    20 (to 60) km Main Road
    50 (to 30) km Dirt-Road και Off-Road
  • Densely forest mount
    Lake Plastira
  • Traditional Villages & Stone Bridges

The Northern Pindos National Park and the Zagorohoria of Epirus

Exploration trip to the protected area of Epirus with its significant ecological and cultural characteristics.
Meeting with the unique architecture, history, folklore and gastronomy of the area. Contact with the people living in the preserved and traditional settlements, following inaccessible paths in the North Pindos National Park with Valia Calda and Vikos-Aoos.

Day 6 | The aesthetic forest of Rona and the mansions of Metsovo

Lake Plastira - Metsovo | Overnight: Metsovo

We leave Lake Plastira to continue our exploration of the protected area of Epirus, the National Park of Pindos.

Our destination is the traditional settlement of Metsovo through Peristeri mountain and the aesthetic forest of Rona (1000-1700m). Route to alpine lakes, small rivers and traditional mountain villages. Arrival at Metsovo in the late afternoon and dinner to taste the traditional Wallachian cuisine.

  • In the forests of Aspropotamos
    30 km Main Road
    40 km Dirt-Road and Off-Road
  • Aesthetic forest of Rona
  • Traditional settlement of Metsovo

Day 7 | In the heart of the National Park of Valia Kalda

Metsovo, Valia Calda, East Zagori | Overnight: Zagorohoria

Starting from Metsovo, we cross the National Park of Valia Calda and visit the traditional village of Zagorohoria, Vovousa.
Routes in one of the most virgin areas in Greece in the shade of the forest with the dense vegetation and under the unique in whole Europe towering fir-trees Mavroelata (Abies-cephalonica).
Route next to the wild river Arkoudorema in the heart of the Valia Calda National Park and from the springs of the Aoos river and the lake of the same name.

  • Northern Pindos National Park
    40 klm Paved road
    50 klm Dirt-Road και Off-Road
  • National Forests of Pindos (Valia Kalda)
    Arkoudorema river
    Aoös lake
  • Traditional settlement Vovousa
    The Stone Bridges of Epirus

Tour in the National Park of Vikos-Aoos and the villages of Zagoria

Two days trip in an exciting off road route on variety of terrains and trails. Our path crosses though deep forest roads and over arched stone bridges of 18th century. Rivers and cliffs will lead us into an area almost at the back side of mount Pindos the Zagora (from Slavic "ZA" which means back and "GORA" which means mountain) now at height 1000+m we are going to meet a network of 46 traditional villages with exceptional local architecture from stone wood and slate. These are the villages of Zagori, the well known Zagorohoria.

Day 8 | Tour of the Vikos-Aoos National Forest and the villages of Zagori

Vikos Gorge, Zagori Villages | Overnight: Zagorohoria

Offroad routes through the dense forest to discover the bridges, the rivers and some of the 46 villages of the area of Zagorohoria.
Gastronomy trip to the Epirotic cuisine. Lunch with traditional recipes prepared from the pure products of the area at the village Kepesovo with amphitheatrical position at the edge of the Messaria gorge at 1100m altitude. Guided tour to a local Cheese Diary to learn about the unique traditional kinds of cheese of Epirus.

  • Vikos-Aoos National Forest
    30 km Paved Road
    40 km Minor Dirt-Road και Off-Road
  • Vikos Gorge
  • The traditional architecture of Stone-built Villages and Bridges
  • The flavors and the pure products of Epirus

Day 9 | The villages and the rivers in the shadow of the stone towers of Astraka peak

The Papigo villages and the Voidomatis & Aoos rivers | Overnight: Zagorohoria

Tour of the West Zagori region near Papigo village. 
We start our tour with a visit to the naturally formed Rock Pools in order to admire these impressive geological formations.
Next stops are at Charadra Aoou and the Voidomatis River that rises in Vikos Gorge, which the Guinness Book of Records lists as the narrowest canyon - deepest canyon in the world in proportion to its width.

  • West Zagori
    30 km Paved Road
    20 km Dirt-Road και Off-Road
  • Charadra Aoou Gorge
    Voidomatis River
  • Conserved settlements of Papigo
  • Bridges of Konitsa and Kleidonia
  • The 16th century monastery of Panagia Stomiou

Day 10 | The majestic rocks of Meteora dominate the area of Kalabaka

The Meteora vertical cliffs an amazing UNESCO World Heritage site | Accommodation: Kalabaka

The almost euphoric stone rocks of Meteora, that embrace Kalabaka, are an UNESCO Conserved and Protected Monument of Humanity and the largest monastic state of the country after Mount Athos.
After breakfast we drive to Kalabaka to visit of the 24 monasteries, the one on the edge of a steep and ancient rock, the most accessible Monastery of St. Stephen from the 12th century. After lunch, nearby route to admire the sun setting behind the imposing rocks of Meteora. The day closes with dinner and overnight at the nearby town Kalabaka.

  • Meteora
    130 km Highway & National Road
  • The cliff of Meteora
  • St. Stephen monastery

Day 11 | Kalabaka - Athens

After our breakfast starts your return journey with coffee stops and farewell meal next to the sea.

We design & provide route and tour guiding on an experiential journey of 4x4 off-road exploration.


Off-road escort vehicle and activity support equipment

Fully prepared and specially recovery equipped 4WD escort vehicles, driven by experienced off-road drivers.


2Way VHF & CB intercom for all cars.
During our excursions we have manage to establish a continuous two-way communication and tour guidance through all passengers of traveling group in all of vehicles.

First Aid kit

Provision for technical support

Technician for on-route support.
For damage requiring a workshop, we will have been informed locals to support.

Traditional Guesthouses & Flavors


On our tours, we choose to host our guest travelers in 3/4* hotels or traditional guesthouses, with the approach of authenticity and the spirit of traditional Greek home hospitality, usually in small villages not widely known to tourist. Of course all the conveniences for a pleasant stay are there for your satisfaction.


The variety of flavors offered by each area gives the pleasure of our guests to visit Greek traditional cafes and taverns in the villages we visit all the local products and even to participate in the production of some of them. An unforgettable experience of taste and pleasure.
Full breakfast at the hotel.
Picnic or Light Lunch at chosen locations along routes.
Traditional food picnic, snacks, water, coffee.
Light lunch including traditional Greek delicacies, luncheon meats, cheeses, pies etc., dessert, water, coffee.
Dinner: Full meal, wine.

Our Route

We offer real travel experiences in Greece

You will join us as traveling companions and not as a tourist group and together we will explore and discover the wonders of Greece of present and past which you cannot find in any tourist guides.

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