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With good preparation and a bit of practice, anyone can off road and get to places other vehicles simply can’t


As an avid 4 wheel driver, we are very keen to share our experiences and adventures. On this blog, we share all the things we learn about Off-Roading as we go.

Think rugged descents and deep wading are for experts? Think again. With good preparation and a bit of practice, anyone can off road. A 4WD vehicle is capable of more than you could ever imagine. It can carry you through almost any environment: thick forest, fiery desert, rugged mountain or frozen river.

HOW TO use the 4x4 vehicle effectively, for safe driving.

In these articles you will find basic information needed to operate a 4WD

Even if you are an experienced 4WD user, you will probably find some information in here you didn’t know or be reminded of something you may have forgotten.
In any event, please enjoy reading through these articles and learning or re-learning the benefits of driving a 4WD.

When venturing off road it’s important to drive as slow as possible and as fast as necessary, always try and make sure you operate the controls as smooth as possible.

Know your 4x4 vehicle

Know your 4x4 vehicle The key to safe driving on any terrain is a robust knowledge of your vehicle and what it can do. Before you venture off road, equip yourself with a clear mental picture of the underside of...

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OffRoad Driving Techniques

4x4 OffRoad Driving Techniques Off-roading at an advanced level requires mastery of your vehicle, a thorough understanding of the terrain and conditions, and an instinctive knowledge of what to do if things go wrong. ...

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Hill-climbing | 4x4 Offroad on Hills

DRIVING ON HILLS Driving uphill - Driving downhill Hill-climbing 4x4 OffRoad Driving Steep hills can be one of the trickiest obstacles you’re likely to encounter while driving off-road. Not only have you got a gradient...

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Driving in Mud | 4x4 Offroad terrain

DRIVING IN MUD In deep mud, you need steady momentum to carry you through. Driving through Muddy Soil4x4 OffRoad Terrain Only drive through shallow mud (the depth should not go above the center of the differential); remain on...

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Driving on Sand | 4x4 Offroad terrain

DRIVING ON SAND To travel across sand, you need a low gear and steady momentum Driving through Sandy Soil 4x4 OffRoad Terrain When the vehicle is stuck, lower the tire pressure to make the restart easier but don’t forget...

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Driving on Rocks | 4x4 Offroad terrain

DRIVING ON ROCKS Before crossing rocks and scree in your 4x4, get out of the vehicle and assess the risks Driving on a Rocky Surface 4x4 OffRoad Terrain If possible, ask someone outside the vehicle to guide you through...

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Off-road snow & ice driving

DRIVING IN SNOW AND ICE When off-road driving on icy surfaces use the highest gear possible for the conditions Driving on a Snowy Surface 4x4 OffRoad Terrain Driving technique is especially important when driving in...

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Escape from a Turned-over Vehicle

Escape from a Turned-over Vehicle If the vehicle flips, do not panic and behave with caution. The reasons vehicles are turned on their sides An abrupt turn during high speed driving, sudden braking, a collision from the...

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Winching Techniques

Winching Techniques Advanced Techniques and Methods for Recovery The Power of the Winch Use a winch not only to get unstuck, but also to remove objects and to climb or descend extremely steep hills. A winch takes...

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