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Πρόγραμμα Εκδρομών

Further north of the Metsovo and Meteora. From Grammos and Zagorohoria to the east in Rodopi.

Epirus Region
& Macedonia

Discover the amazing Northern Greece Off-Roads by 4x4 vehicle

Come and explore the natural wonders of Northern Greece

Α rich and ancient history intrigues curious minds, spectacular wildlife unfolds before you and tiny picture-perfect villages capture your heart. Even for locals, northern Greece is a hidden jewel.

From the east region, the pure and wild virgin forest of Fracto, to the rivers, lakes and vineyards of Macedonia, also well known for its fruit orchards, to the wild, wooded mountains, we promise, you’ll be lost in the legends and mysteries that emanate from every corner of Northern Greece, from the depths of the Lake of Ioannina, to the heights of the Pindus Mountains.
For those craving for variety and impeccable beauty, allow us to drive you on 4x4 to this most stunning region of wildlife in Greece.

EEverywhere we go, you’ll find yourself invited by the locals to participate in local feasts and Greek folklore dances and events. Be prepared to clink glasses and shout, “Yammas!” when offered the local tsipouro, made from distilled grapes. Taste cheese and spinach pies, each with their own unique twist, depending on which village you’re in. Mingle with locals while savoring an authentic Greek coffee – just don’t drink the grounds at the bottom of your cup! We’ll arrange for a private tour of a historic cellar, followed by a wine tasting and samples of traditional delicacies, and perhaps visit some of the whitewashed chapels and ouzeries, as you wind your way along the village’s labyrinthian stone streets.

Outdoor adventure abounds. Pay a visit to the well-known Balkan environmental center of Arcturos, a nature reserve dedicated to the shelter of local bears and wolves. Follow the river of Voidomatis on a relaxing rafting descent into the heart of the Vikos-Aoos national forest. Feel the serenity of a magical sunset as you face the majestic towers of Astraka Mountain, awash in hues of scarlet at sundown. Hunt for mushrooms. Hike the stunning Vikos gorge, one of the world’s deepest.
And visit -as many as possible- the Zagorochoria villages, with their unique architecture, defined by stone and wood.

From the the breathtaking Monasteries of Meteora to the Dark forest of Drama and from the Thermal Pozar Baths to Kerkini and Prespes lakes join us to design your next adventure to Epirus and Northern Greece


Panorama of
Μountainous Mainland Greece

From the South Evrytania and Agrafa to the northern mountains of Pindos

  • 12-day Cross-Country in mountain range of Pindos

Journey of exploring the protected area of Hepirus with notable ecological and cultural points of interest and notable architecture, history and gastronomy.
The Route is surrounded by fir trees, ideal for the 4X4 fans with streaming rivers, canyons, historical monuments of interest, monasteries, traditional bridges and stone houses all combine for a magical journey.

West Macedonia - Epirus

Come on a journey to the nature and history of the country of great Alexander, the places that the ancient Greeks lived.

  • 7 days in Pindos National Park, the city of Ioannina & Kastoria, the Vikos Gorge and the villages Papigo

Route through the most beautiful areas of West Macedonia and the National forest of Valia Kalda and Vikos and marvel at the natural beauty of Pindos and the lakes of Aoos, Ioannina and Prespes.
Explore the traditional villages of Metsovo and Zagorochoria with the graphic stone bridges and stone houses.

Best places in North Greece


Serene, spiritual, magical, mystical, extraordinary

Konitsa, Region

Zagorochoria, a group of 48 traditional, stone-built villages

National Park of Northern Pindos

11 protected areas, such as the Valia Calda & Vikos-Aoos

Profitis Ilias

The little church, at the summit of Mt Kaimaktsalan 2,524m

Pozar Baths

Thermal Spa indoor & outdoor pools

Dark Forest, Orma

Alexander's the Great got timber cut fearful weapon “sarissa”

Prespa Lakes

3 countries peacefully share their waters

Kerkini Lake

Just be kitted out in the right bird watching equipment

Fracto virgin forest

It has not been disturbed by humans for at least 500 years

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