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Πρόγραμμα Εκδρομών

We are looking for passionate travelers all over the world, who would like to write with us!

We offer you an experiential journey of 4x4 off-road exploration

Our passion for adventure is your ticket to pleasure

Sharing our experiences since 2012

…Places that you feel human again

Our Sanctuary… The Peaks the rivers and deep forests, the canyons, and mountain slopes the crystal water lakes
...The colors of Greek nature.

... we CAN organize

Excursions for your family and friends, with your private or our fully prepared all-terrain vehicles (4X4) on routes and paths that a conventional car cannot go.
Ideal from groups of expatriates who want to get the acquainted feel, live with their mother country.

We can organize specialty and custom tour events for, 4x4 clubs and 4X4 business Professionals, who would like to go off-roading in the wonderful Greece with its unbelievable terrain varieties.

We organize and support tours for employee bonding and rewarding corporate events to unique product presentations.

Why with Offroad Greece?

We’re the small group 4x4 adventure travel experts, and have been for over 20 years.
We got that way by listening to travellers and giving them what they want: Top-notch tours in top-notch places with top-notch staff at great prices.

Overland Expedition and Adventure Tours

Tour to Unknown Exciting Greece
365 Days a year

  • Off-Road Greece Activities

    Off-Road Greece brings people from every corner of the world, who love adventure, action and exploration, into contact with unknown Greece.

    To meet the multifaceted and fascinating charm of this country, with suggestions totally different from the usual offers of tourist guides.

  • About us

    Off-Road Greece is an innovative company which focuses in the field of alternative tourism and crated with a vision to present and promote a selection of major interest points in the unknown and less touristy Greece.

  • More than 25 years of 4WD experience

    • Off-Road Greece team incorporates more than 25 years of experience of creating offroad routes, trail mapping and exploration on thematic regions of rural Greece.
    • Our team consists of people who operate in the discovery and exploration of routes and major destinations across the country.
    • Destinations with historical, traditional and naturalist character which are emphasized by creating tours and explorations where no other vehicle except our specially prepared four-wheel drive vehicles can go …in the exciting and unknown nature of Greece.
  • Our passion for 4WD Off-Roading and our love for Greek nature

    Our company was created to uphold and to promote through off-road driving the special beauties of Greece, beyond the known and prominent tourist destinations and through the tri-fold moto:
    Explore - Live the experience – Keep unforgettable memories.

  • Off-Road Greece team love Off-Roads

    Off-Road Greece team is operated by experienced drivers with specialization in off-road driving and with knowledge in orientation, survival on natural environment risk management and emergency response skills.

    Our people are ready to guide you and transform an excursion to nature to a safe and pleasant adventure. Our smile comes from the happiness you receive and the job satisfaction of doing what we love most …Off-Roading.

  • 4WD vehicles

    Specially prepared and equipped 4WD vehicles are our selection to operate our tours with. Their ability is not restricted to a simple gravel road or rural roads, they can travel through and forest trails and paths and even there where is no path or trail with comfort and safety for all passengers for all year long and in the worst weather and ground conditions.

  • We differ...

    Off-Road Greece offers you an experiential journey of exploration

    You will join us as travelling companions and not as a tourist group and together we will explore and discover the wonders of Greece of the present and past which you cannot find in any tourist guides.

    We focus on travellers – explorers who seek the adventure and want to experience through their journey exploration and discovery of secret destinations. Travellers who want to have the capability to live life as locals and not as classic tourists who just visited a country.

  • We offer real travel experiences in Greece

    These trips directed to travelers and explorers seeking to explore and discover the unspoiled nature generously offered in our country. Through this authentic experience, you have the ability to be acquainted with the unknown Historical and Cultural heritage Greece can offer.

    In Experience Travels, travelers adopting the mindset of visiting areas to live like the locals, to speak with then and of course, to taste traditional flavours, additionally to learn the traditions and explore the local architecture, cuisine and natural products that Greece has to offer and is globally well known.

  • Unique natural beauty

    The Greece is the only European country that offers so many transitions in such a small scale. From sea level up to the ridges on the 2600m only 2 hours driving!
    Unknown paths specially selected to offer unique views of crystal water streams, alpine like meadows, canyons, ridges, lakes all the color pallet of Greek nature.

    In our tours we visit desolated Historical, Archeological and Mythical points of interest, we cross unique stone arched bridges, watermills, we stopover through traditional villages and we reach the highest ridges where the view can only described as fascinating..

  • All together in the trip route

    During our excursions we have managed to establish a continuous two-way communication and tour guidance through all passengers of traveling group in all of our vehicles. This ensures a nonstop flow of information on the historical mythological and traditional elements, of all the visiting areas we visit. Additionally, the passengers have to ability to request a quick stop at any time to enjoy a special view and take photographs.

  • Traditional Guesthouses & Flavors

    On our tours, we choose to host our guest travelers in traditional guesthouses, with the approach of authenticity and the spirit of traditional Greek home hospitality, usually in small villages not widely known to tourist. Of course, all the conveniences for a pleasant stay are there for your satisfaction.

    The variety of flavours offered by each area gives the pleasure of our guests to visit Greek traditional cafes and taverns in the villages we visit all the local products and even to participate in the production of some of them. An unforgettable experience of taste and pleasure.

  • Protection and Preservation of fragile Ecosystems

    The protection of the environment, in areas that we visit, is carefully controlled by our team as an investment for future generations and it is always a priority and an integral point of Οff-Road Greece.

    This attitude is transferred to all tour participants and we always prioritize our awareness for the protection of the natural environment.

What we offer
How do we offer

We create tours with groups consisting of limited participants (10-25 persons).

And we give you the ability to either you drive the vehicle (with their own responsibility, their own or rented 4x4) or to have our experienced drivers doing it for you. We travel selected routes, paths and trails with specially prepares 4x4 all-terrain vehicles.

We have carefully prepared Tour-packages for you to choose that they geographically cover all mainland Greece. From the famous Pindus mountain range to the Northern border to Peloponnese and Evvoia, and from 3 to 15 days.

Of course, our experience gives us the flexibility to prepare for you Custom Made Tours and activity packages depending on your demand and interests. The duration, the number of participants and accommodation can also be arranged according to your needs. This also can be tailor-made either for a small group of participants to corporate events.

Εταιρικό Προφίλ

Our Adventureres

As Experienced Off-Roaders and connoisseurs of Greek nature, undertake to guide you consistently and safely on the hidden tracks of Greek nature.

Pavlos Korkas

Operations Team Leader

Experienced off road traveler

After travelling to several places around the world exploring different cultures and discovering the unknown he is back to Greece to make his passion for 4x4 Off-Road a job for your enjoyment. Today, he invites you to guide you and share with you the beauty, the stories and the tradition, of the unknown Greece.

Elina Iatridou

Public Relations – Travel Journalist

Off-Road Destinations explorer

Her Moto is: each kilometer on the counter is a surprise piece that complements the puzzle of an unknown and authentic Greece. This is the Greece she invites you to discover!

Do you love to travel?

So, you have a passion for photography, experiencing new cultures and would like to share it with the world? Join us and become a writer-editor for OffRoadGreece.

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