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Πρόγραμμα Εκδρομών

off-road experience
on the highest mountain
close to Athens

Full day Off-Road experience on the paths of Mount Parnes

Enjoy a private off-road experience through the paths of the highest Attica mountain

Mount Parnes combines different and various nature environments giving an unforgettable experience for the visitors

Explore off-road paths with continuous scenic changes and natural views, discover traditional villages, monasteries, abandoned castles, lakes and admire stunning and unique views,
Roam through cliffs, streams woods Top up your experience with a traditional picnic in the best restaurant around… The Nature!

160 €

Price per person
Max 2-3p per 4x4

4x4 OffRoad Guided Tour
Halfday Tour
7 hours
Guest pick-up city center, Athens

Off-Road Greece has specially designed this 7 hour experience for people who want to escape the city buzz, enjoy the fascinating views of nature, discover monasteries, old chapels, abandoned castles and lakes while roaming though streams, woods and traditional villages.

Our adventure will begin at 9:00 by picking you up from your hotel. On route to leave the city grey our exit to the mount Parnes will be though Fyli Village the on the foothills of Mt Parnitha.

Our first stop will be the Kliston Monastery which is climbed to the in the edge of a corge. Enjoy here the amazing views, the traditional Greek Orthodox Monastery and check the unusual way of lighting the candles on the opposite cliffs.

Leaving the Monastery and as we are on our route to Dervenochoria we will see Ruins Of The Ancient Castle Of Fyli dated back to '4th Century Bc.

As we approach the top at about 800+m we stop at the Aeolic park and we have a great opportunity for photos with a breathtaking view from above We can see from here both sides of Attica from Evvoia to Salamina isle. And Evvoikos to Corinthiakos Gulf.

As we start our descent it time to leave the tarmac and enter a completely different environment with green fields, pine trees, sheep, horses, and honeycombs.

Through small paths in the woods, the off-road part of our adventure now is started!!!

The scenic keeps changing all shades of green colors as we cross multiple streams and cliffs and woods. We have multiple selections of paths here… for mild to wild … the decision here is yours! Our experienced drivers can do almost anything you ask always in SAFETY.

A delicious traditional Picnic with handmade goods is waiting for us at the thick shadows of the plane trees of Agia Triada chapel, enjoy , relax and get ready for the next part as we are now just over the Avlona Village and ready to hit the tarmac again to see completely different things.

Though Avlona village and parallel to railway lines we pay a quick visit to a unique farm and then we head our route for the Hippocrateios community to visit Lake Beletsi. An example were the nature has corrected a human fault and made and incredible beautiful lake with turtles swans and amazing views reminding the Apls.

As we leave the area our route is through former Royal Estates, to view the remains of Royal Palace and gardens. We crossover the National Road and drive our ascent for our next destination, mount Penteli with amazing views of Athens and Marathons area.

Perfect opportunity for photos as we stop to Dionissos and check the wonderful views of Marathonas seaside and part of the famous Marathon route from above all the way to Evvoia. Next as we are heading to the end of our experience over the Eastern ridge of Penteli mount get ready to see Athens city as no one else…from above we have almost 180’ view from Spata Airport to Acropolis and Olympic Stadium. What a perfect closing to a unique 180km adventure day …. the welcoming view of Athens City !!!

  • Private tour with specially builded 4x4 vehicles and experienced drivers.
  • Unique off-road experience through the Parnitha mount.
  • Admire stunning and unique views
  • Discover traditional villages, monasteries, abandoned castles and lakes.
  • Enjoy a traditional BBQ Pic-Nic in nature with handmade products.

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