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Πρόγραμμα Εκδρομών


One of the most beautiful lands on earth.

Come on to explore the unknown spectacular Greece

Thousands of kilometers of forest roads, abandoned roads, mutilated [dirt-road] Off Road and routes to natural terrain, with free access [legally] to 4x4.

From the sea level up into higher altitudes of 2600m. with 2 hours driving!
Each image unique. Εvery sense invaluable. We welcome you and travel to the secret paths of Greek nature, safely, where there is no way to go. Come on to guide you to explore the hidden Greece!
Greece cannot be captured in postcards come off road it and fun yak it over !!!

Off Road 4x4 Εκδρομές περιπέτειας Καρπενήσι - Ευρυτανία, Άγραφα
The ultimate destination for 4x4 & SUVs

Stunning mountains and rivers that challenge you for adventure, stone-built villages and monasteries with history. From the peaks of mounts Kaliakouda and Chelidon to Kremastas Lake and the unseen parts of Agrafa.

Off Road 4x4 Εκδρομές περιπέτειας Τζουμέρκα SUV
Deep gorges, high peaks and villages with few residents left,
 Off Road 4x4 Εκδρομές περιπέτεια Τζουμέρκα SUV
The green of the trees blends with the blue of the lake
 Off Road 4x4 Εκδρομές περιπέτεια Ορεινή Ναυπακτία SUV
Reviving memories from traditional holidays in the village
Παρνασό έως Βαρδούσια, Οίτη, Καλλίδρομο  Off Road 4x4 Εκδρομές περιπέτειας SUV
From mount Parnassos to Vardousia, Oiti & Kallidromo
Off Road 4x4 Εκδρομές περιπέτειας Βίκος, Αώος, Βάλια Κάλντα, Μέτσοβο, Γρεβενά
National Parks of Vikos-Aoos & Valia Kalda, to Metsovo and Grevena

Areas rich in historical and cultural elements. Traditional villages, stone arched bridges, ornate chapels and monasteries, watermills and stone paths.

Off Road 4x4 Εκδρομές περιπέτειας SUV Ζαγοροχώρια, Μαστοροχώρια Γράμμος
From Zagorohoria, Mastrochoria to the imposing Grammos mountain lines
Dispilio Prehistoric remains of a Neolithic settlement (5500BC) by the lake Kastoria
Off Road 4x4 Εκδρομές περιπέτειας Ροδόπη, Παρθένο Δάσος Φρακτό
The largest untouched forest in Europe
Off Road 4x4 Εκδρομές περιπέτειας Λίμνη Κερκίνη SUV
Water buffaloes and rare birds

Off Road 4x4 Εκδρομές περιπέτειας Κορινθία, Γκούρα, Φενεός
The Secret of Corinth
A dream lake lost among the fir trees, where you must leave and enj
Off Road 4x4 Εκδρομές περιπέτειας Μέναλο, Αρκαδία, Βυτίνα
A place rich in history
Graphic stone villages dug into the fir forest and into the main ravines of Mainalo
Off Road 4x4 Εκδρομές περιπέτειας Χελμός, Καλάβρυτα, Ζαρούχλα
Fairies, Elves, Ancient Believes
but also from here, the Revolution of 1821
Routes between chestnut trees, walnut trees, plane trees and forests of towering blacksmiths and fir trees. Travel to mythology, folk tradition, glorious past and modern history.
Sculpted in the rock like a sculpture
Inside the medieval walls of Monemvasia is located one of the best preserved and lively castles in Greece.
Off Road 4x4 Εκδρομές ταξίδι περιπέτειας Ζήρια, Άνω Τρίκαλα Κορινθία
Killini: what creates cavities
Swamps and waters sparkling beneath perennial trees. Inexhaustible Off-Road 4x4 routes for all seasons.
Off Road 4x4 Εκδρομές ταξίδι περιπέτειας Πελοπόννησος
Religiousness over the centuries
Perched on steep rocks, others float above cliffs and others in green valleys and forests.
Off Road 4x4 Εκδρομές ταξίδι περιπέτειας Εκτός Δρόμου
For very ... secret dives in waterfalls
Not one or two but 15 blue lakes hidden in the green nature +1 of the female river.
Impressive towers, idyllic beaches in a cinema setting!
Stone towers and silent villages. Byzantine monuments, developed tourist settlements and routes in sharp landscapes. Travelling to Mani is not easy. But it is unique.

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