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Πρόγραμμα Εκδρομών

Expedition to the mountains & lakes of the Northern Peloponnese

Off-Road excursion to the mountains & lakes of the Northern Peloponnese

3 days on the mounts Ziria and Helmos

Off-Road 4x4 excursion to the Mountainous Corinthia

250 €

Price per vehicle

Exploration trip
Max 10-12 Vehicles
3 days |
2 overnights

A 3-day journey to tearing up the trails on an off-road adventure, to the mountains of Helmos and Ziria, as well as the lakes of the Northern Peloponnese, including a camp in alpine meadows and forests. An adventure in a place with a rich history, picturesque isolated villages, hospitable inhabitants and traditional local products.

A journey to tearing up the trails on an off-road adventure, on alpine meadows, in dense forests with firs and black pine, trails around blue mountain lakes, dirt road routes in forests with Walnuts, Chestnuts and narrow gorges, with plane trees, crossed by impetuous rushing waters.

The imposing mountains of Helmos and Ziria rise from the shores of the Corinthian Gulf. We follow asphalt and dirt roads and visit picturesque secluded villages with hospitable residents, to taste the local pure products of the area.

We camp next to the calm waters of lakes and at altitudes at 1500 m, in a unique protected habitat with rare species of plants, birds and animals included in the Natura 2000 network.
Hotel room available upon request

Day 1 | From the coast of the Peloponnese on the slopes of Helmos

Leaving Athens, at the 80th km of the Athens-Corinth national road, we will admire the Isthmus of Corinth, the canal that separates Central Greece with Peloponnese. After another half hour drive, we leave the coast of the Peloponnese to follow a picturesque 4×4 route through the gorge of Krathi river to Lake Tsivlou at 800 m, to emerge through the forest. The surrounding slopes of Chelmos are reflected in the lake’s clear blue waters, which makes it an ideal place for camping as the first day ends.

Day 2 | The forest of Zarouchla and the plateau of Feneos with the artificial lake Doxa.

The route initially leads us under the Waters of Stygos, the waterfall that springs from the top of Neraidorarahi peak (2300 m). There are countless myths about the terrible Styx, which is the river that crossed Hades, where the gods of Olympus swore, while in its waters the Goddess Thetis dived Achilles to make him immortal.
The route continues to the picturesque mountain villages of the area and the ascent through the dense fir forest of Zarouchla, following a descend to 900 m in the valley of Feneos between the snowy mountain massifs of Helmos, Dourdouvanas, Kyllini, Oligyrtou and Saita. At this spot, lake Doxa which is surrounded by dense forests with plane trees, black pine, Kefalonian fir, cedars and chestnuts is a small mountainous wetland. In the middle of the lake stands the iconic church and a little bit higher there is the monastery of Agios Georgios, an imposing 17th century building, with panoramic views of its mansion throughout the lake.

We follow an impressive road through the dense river greenery that evokes a Camel Trophy adventure, to the main square of the village of Goura with the stone-built church standing there from 1880 and the mansions of Oikonomou – Goura, Charlie and Mourti dating from the 19th century. From this place we start an ascent, to meet wild horses galloping freely on the plateau of Mount Ziria at 1500 m. Our route continues on the mountain of the birth of the ancient god Hermes, to the campground point that we will spend the night under the tall fir trees.

  • forest of Zarouchla
    100 km Paved road
    50 km Dirt-Road και Off-Road
  • The wooded Helmos
    The plateau of Feneos
    The lake Doxa
  • The traditional village Goura

Day 3 | The mountain and the alpine lake of Ziria

Mountain Grand Ziria | Return to Athens

The 4×4 route leads us to the alpine lake of Ziria. Lake Dassiou offers unique images as it transforms throughout  the seasons change. The image of its perfectly frozen surface is followed by the reflection of winter clouds in its blue waters. When the ice begins to melt, the green of the firs is refelcted in its still waters in spring. During fall, clay in its bottom is revealed, engraved by the sun’s fire. Depending on the season, herbs, aromatic plants, wildflowers, mushrooms and wild orchids are found at the mountain meadows around lake Dassiou on the plateau.

The off-road route leads us to a lower altitude. Depending on the available time, we follow a mixed route to the area of Corinthia in order to return to Athens via the main highway.

  • Ziria plateau
    40 km Paved road
    50 km Dirt-Road και Off-Road
    80 km Highway
  • Ziria mountain
    Alpine lake Dasiou

Our Route

We offer real travel experiences in Greece

You will join us as traveling companions and not as a tourist group and together we will explore and discover the wonders of Greece of present and past which you cannot find in any tourist guides.

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