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Πρόγραμμα Εκδρομών

One dream,
live it!!!

Land Rover Defender 110 truckcab VIP edition

Dream Projects are a dream not to be reached by most of us

Their stylish design, created after several hundred manhours, their luxurius interior, with superb finishing and exceptional materials make them inaccessible for most people.
But still, you may have a chance to live that Dream for a few days.
JBK Engineering offers its fans the opportunity to rent one of the available Land Rover Defender 110 Dream Projects.

For a few days you will be able to live the luxurius interior, enjoy the prominence that their exclusive design offers, and feel the advanced driving experience.
Dream Projects, with their advanced security features, are also available with chauffeur and security personnel.

Enjoy the experience, making your stylish vacation unforgettable

The VIP edition is a wonderfully rebuilt Defender 110 4 door 5 seated.
It has an extended cabin to accomodate comfortably all 5 passengers.


  • diesel fuel engine with displacement: 2198cm3/134.3cui, power: 90kW/121hp/122PS (ECE), torque: 360Nm/265lb-ft

ON/OFF Suspension

  • Adjustable long travel shock absorbers
    +2" spirngs suspension
  • heavy duty steering rods
    adjustable panhard rods
  • Anti Roll bar


  • Truckcab Rollcage
  • LED Lights
  • Goldish-Black edition carbody paint
  • 18' alloy wheels


  • Extended 4 door cabin with comfortable space for rear passengers
  • Leather Dashboard
  • Full leather interior with superb finish
  • Advanced 2 Din GPS Sound system with 4 speakres and amplifier and Subwoofer
  • A/C advanced system
  • Anti-Theft Windows
  • Heatproof and Soundproof insulation with carpet finish